Folding over a lazy sequence with Clojure reducers

Clojure 1.5 includes reducers. They’re currently experimental, but showing great promise.

One of reducers’ features is that they allow parallel fold operations. Sadly, although fold works when given a lazy sequence, it falls back to a sequential reduce.

There’s no theoretical reason why fold couldn’t work in parallel with a lazy sequence, so I decided to see if I could implement it. It turns out to be very easy. I’ve implemented a function called foldable-seq that takes a lazy sequence and turns it into something that can be folded in parallel. I’ve checked an example program that uses this to count words in a Wikipedia XML dump into GitHub. The code for foldable-seq is here.

On my 4-core MacBook Pro, the example program runs in approx, 40 seconds without foldable-seq and 13 seconds with.

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