Encouraging failures

The dust is finally settling after the second Formula Jedi meeting at Croft, and I can take stock of the beginning of the season. On the face of things, it’s been a disaster – 4 races, of which I’ve only managed to start 3, no finishes, no points and a car that’s currently back at Jedi being repaired.

But actually, I’m really encouraged by how things have gone. I failed to finish the first couple of races due to the kind of teething problems you expect with a new car, and I was in the battle for 4th place before having to stop. I failed to finish the race at Croft because I clipped some tyres on the apex of one of the corners, but I was in 4th place at the time, right on the pace of the leader.

What I wanted this year was to have a car capable of running at the front of the pack, which I clearly do have. And, even after 3 years out of the driving seat, my driving doesn’t seem to have got quite as rusty as I feared. So, all I need to do now is actually finish some races 🙂

Many thanks to the guys at Texperts who bought me a video camera as my leaving present. Here are the first fruits. I’ve ordered a rollbar mount so that I can mount the camera above my head for the next race 🙂

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