Today, I took the Jedi to Rockingham for a shakedown.

The point of the day was to run the engine in and sort out teething problems, and from that point of view it was very successful. Nothing major went wrong or fell off, and the teething troubles fixed include:

  • Too little fuel pressure (meaning that the engine wouldn’t rev past 10k)
  • A cable incorrectly fitted (meaning that the top-injector wasn’t firing on one cylinder, and also stopping the engine from revving past 10k)
  • I’d set the alarm duration was set too long on the Stack display, meaning that it refused to tell me about anything at all other than “low oil pressure” for more than a minute after starting the engine
  • The wheel-speed sensor wasn’t sensing (fixed by moving it closer to the wheel)
  • Downloading data from the Stack system was taking longer than it took to record (fixed by swapping to an earlier revision of the cable)

The only outstanding problem we have is that the water temperature is fluctuating rather more than we would like—I could almost use it as a rev-counter, so much does it increase with revs and so quickly does it drop when I back off.

It’s gone back to Jedi so that they can take a look at the water system and put it on a rolling road to get the power commander set up.

The conditions (rain or drizzle all day, resulting in a very greasy circuit, not helped by the fact that I was using rock-hard 4-year-old wet tyres) and the fact that I could only use full revs in the final session, meant that I learned next to nothing about my driving. I did remind myself just how forgiving the car was – it was getting sideways on 20% throttle in every gear apart from 5th or 6th, and yet I could balance it without really having to think about it—while everyone else was spinning all around. One particular F3 car managed to spin right in front of me on 4 separate occasions.

And f**k-me it’s fast. I could only use full throttle on the banking, but once the revs get above 10k it just takes off like a scalded cat. Can’t wait to get it somewhere where I can really lean on it…

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