Debug It! in Brazil

Debug It!

Debug It! is making its way around the world, as this review by Luiz Marques in Brazil demonstrates.

Luiz is kind enough to say:

While I was familiar with many of the practices discussed in the book … I learned quite a few new things.

He goes on to say:

Well worth the time, specially as it is not very long.

Many thanks, Luiz.

1 Response to “Debug It! in Brazil”

  1. 1 Luiz Marques December 28, 2009 at 2:14 am

    Thanks for commenting about my tiny review, and for a very good book!

    I forgot to mention my favorite new practice from the book – the assert + defensive programming combo. I didn’t have the chance to try it out yet, but makes a lot of sense.

    There were a few bugs over the years that I’m sure I’d have picked up on development if I always coded this way.

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