Dropbox: What MobileMe should have been

MobileMe has always been something of a disappointment to me. It’s so close to great, and yet falls short:

  • Push e-mail to my iPhone is great, but not without spam filtering or rule support.
  • iDisk should be a great way to keep the files that I’m working on in sync between my various Macs, but it’s just too clunky.

I’m working around the first issue by switching to Gmail, but haven’t found a satisfactory solution to the second. Until now.

This morning, I discovered Dropbox. It’s extremely easy to install, works seamlessly, gives me transparent duplication between my various computers (including Windows and Linux), provides me with access to my files when I’m offline and integrates with my iPhone. It’s very rare for me to get excited about a piece of software, but I’m genuinely impressed.

Oh – one final bit of trivia. If, like me, you’ve been relying on Mongrel to deploy your Ruby on Rails applications, you might be interested to know that Zed is a member of the Dropbox team.

3 Responses to “Dropbox: What MobileMe should have been”

  1. 1 Matthew Rudy November 28, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    no way,
    Zed is at DropBox?

    I visited their office last year,
    but it wasn’t that exciting.
    (although they were all still hard at work at 12:30am…)

    Think I prefer UK start-ups to San Fran…

  2. 2 paul November 28, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    Well, I can’t speak for how good they are as en employer šŸ™‚ But the product does seem to work (and has saved me cobbling something together with rsync!).

  3. 3 Richard Blue January 6, 2010 at 11:24 pm


    Great to find your blog here! Hope you’re well.

    You should also look at JungleDisk. Combines the “sync between machines” capability of dropbox with shared network drive with drive letter support (“N:” in Windows, etc) and hosted automated backup to the cloud like Moxy. I’m really impressed by this.

    Desktop clients for Win (x32 and x64), Mac and Linux. I’m using Workgroup edition – $4/month per user account, gives user-level control of syncing and folder sharing.

    Data is stored encrypted on Amazon S3 or at Rackspace’s “cloud” (Rackspace now owns JungleDisk). 10 GB of cloud storage included with each account and additional is only $0.15 per GB per month.

    Dropbox is nice for some applications but JungleDisk gives some really nice additions. I have “Shared Sync Folders” on every team members’ machine (PC + Mac, mixed environment) and anyone can update docs in their Shared Sync folder and EVERYONE on the team automatically has a local copy appear in their Shared Sync folder. No grubbing around looking for latest docs. No need to be online even.

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