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First reviews of Debug It!

Debug It!

The first couple of reviews of Debug It! have recently been published:

Book Review: Debug It!

Debug it! A Book on Software Debugging

Help, this is driving me mad!

The Pragmatic Programmers have just started publishing an online magazine: PragPub. Among other things, it contains a quiz which in this issue tests your knowledge of programming languages.

I consider myself a bit of a languages geek, so I thought that I’d have no trouble with it. But it’s driving me mad!

The quiz consists of little snippets of code in different languages. The first letters of each language then spell out the name of another language.

I can get 5 of the 6, but one of them has me completely stumped. Even though I’m 99% sure what letter it’s name must start with.

Warning: Spoilers follow!

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